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Ms. Burahee

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Ms. Burahee


Teaching English is also a means to teach a love...

Hello! This is my story.

Teaching English is also a means to teach a love of learning. Teaching English is never just about a text or learning about a text, it is rather the broadening of a student’s perception of the world around them. I aim to explore interpretations for a student at an inquisitive level and interpreting a writer’s purpose and message for a student beginning to grasp their understanding of the subject. However, at all levels, I hope to develop inquiring minds and create avid learners.
In my own time, I enjoy swimming, playing football, and recently learning how to play pool/snooker. Learning to play this game has opened a new understanding of the importance of angles and deflection, a mathematical challenge I hope to triumph in time!

My Education

MA English Literature

BA Hons English Literature

PGCE Secondary - English

Specialist Subject

GCSE English Literature and Language