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Mr. Trevelyon

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Mr. Trevelyon


I am a language graduate who has gained a Masters distinction...

Hello! This is my story.

I am a language graduate who has gained a Masters distinction. Having started teaching and tutoring in 1997, I built up a very considerable bank of experience and knowhow. I have always been popular among my students as I have a supportive, encouraging, calm and patient style, and a natural capacity to explain complicated concepts clearly. Using my Certificate for English Language Teaching for Adults (CELTA), I lived in Italy for six years, teaching in language colleges initially and later universities and schools. In 2009 I decided to come back to UK and work in the charity sector, but I have continued as a tutor ever since. This is because I really enjoy teaching and tutoring and have a natural aptitude for it, and find helping other people very rewarding.

My Education

BA in German and Italian

MA in East European Studies

Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (CELTA)

Specialist Subject